Platinum Cards - Students who receive all A’s and maintain Satisfactory and Outstanding Effort and Conduct are eligible to receive a Platinum Card each marking period.  A cardholder is then granted various special privileges.

VISA Cards -Students who receive only As and Bs and maintain Satisfactory and Outstanding Effort and Conduct each marking period are eligible to receive a VISA (Very Important Student Academically) card.  

Gold Cards -Students who receive all Outstandings (O) for Conduct on their report card will receive a Gold Card.




*Positive Character Program “Red Referrals”- Students will receive a red referral and WMS Bracelet for exhibiting exemplary character traits from Bus Drivers and WMS Faculty by demonstrating TRUSTWORTHINESSCITIZENSHIP, FAIRNESS, RESPONSIBILITY,RESPECT, AND CARING. Best practice will be to select students during team meetings to avoid repetition of names. 




I.   Principal’s Honor Roll (Straight A’s)- Students receiving ALL A’s will be recognized by the Principal. Parents will receive notification in the mail to attend this program. Students will be given a Pin and Certificate at the Awards Program

II.  A-B Honor Roll – Students receiving All A’s and B’s will also be recognized.

III. Effort and Conduct- Outstanding Effort and Good Behavior will be recognized. All Teachers will meet as a Team and nominate one student for Effort and one for Conduct.  Certificates will be handed out during homeroom by their Homeroom Teacher.

IV. Perfect Attendance- Students are recognized for not missing any school days for the Marking Period. The WMS Attendance Clerk will provide a list of students eligible for this Certificate. Certificates will be given out during homeroom by their Homeroom Teacher.