Woodbridge Middle School After-School Clubs and Activities

Woodbridge Middle School’s extracurricular programs are considered an extension of the academic offerings and a beneficial contribution to the development of the students’ mental, physical, and social growth. Students are encouraged to participate provided that involvement does not interfere with scholastic achievement, that students represent their school in a manner that reflects positively on the school, and that students recognize participation is a privilege with responsibilities.







Art Club (Trout)
* Meeting times-(Twice Monthly)

Members will assist with bulletin boards and service projects that beautify the school.

Battle of the Books (Okolovitch)
*Meeting times-(Twice Monthly)

Readers and those that love adventure will be battling it out with the pages in this fun club with Ms. O.

Cashflow Club (Gibbs)
* Meeting times-(Twice Monthly)

Who doesn’t like to know how to make money? Join Ms. Gibbs to find out.

Chess & Game Club (Poynter)
* Meeting times-(Twice Monthly)

Members will learn logic and gaming skills through a variety of approaches using strategies from the expert gamer.

Math 24 Club-(Scott)
*Meeting times-(Twice Monthly)

Love Math? Love crunching numbers in your head? Our Math 24 Club has dominated throughout the county the last two years- come be a part of a great team!

News Club-(Reed)
*Meeting times-(Twice Monthly)

Members will deliver the important news going on at WMS in a a creative and fun fashion.

Ping Pong- Bowling Club-(Lowry)
*Meeting times-(Twice Monthly)


This edgy club is a new addition to our Seminole lineup. Do you have what it takes to be an Olympic champion? Learn from a real Pro. There will be a special guest later in the year to join.

Quartermaster- (Smith)
*Meeting times- (Twice Monthly)

The mission is to show support for our military troops and their families, veterans, and wounded warriors, through the making of cards, writing letters, and sending care packages to them.

Robotics – (Cummings)
*Meetings times-(Twice Monthly)

Using a hands-on approach, the basic concepts in robotics are introduced, including mechanical design. Beyond science and engineering principles, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills are emphasized. Participants will be grouped to design and build a robot for competitions, which will generally take place on various Saturdays throughout the school year.

Science & Energy Savers – (Verran)
*Meetings times-(Twice Monthly)

Students will have the opportunity to design science experiments for the science fair for competition as well as find ways to promote energy conservation in the school community.

Student Council Association

*Meeting times-(Twice Monthly)

This service organization is responsible for dance themes, special service projects, and a voice of the student body to the administrative and instructional teams. There are both elected officials who will be a part of the PTO meetings and homeroom representatives.

WMS Theatre Company- (TBD)
*Meeting times- TBD

To develop acting abilities, communication skills and self-esteem through dramatic productions. All students are welcome to audition for productions or to help on the crew.

Yearbook/Literary Club (van Kan)
*Meeting times-(Twice Monthly)

To provide an opportunity to use desk-top publishing in order to publish our school yearbook.