Microsoft Teams
I will be posting in here for the remainder of the school year. Feel free to post any questions or comments that you may have during this time. Please let me know if I added someone by accident or if I didn't include someone that belongs in this chat. If you need to reach me ASAP about anything my email is:  Students can find these materials in their class notebook.

The WMS Music Department has started using SmartMusic as a tool for students to practice with. This program can be accessed from any computer or Apple tablet (sorry Android users).

In my original email on this topic, I mentioned that we were setup on a trial period while the company setup our full subscriptions. Codes and instructions for students to get signed up on our new platform is below. The class will close April 6, 2020

In order to use SmartMusic, you need to create a SmartMusic account (if you haven't already) and join the appropriate class using the code listed below:

1. Open a Chrome browser and visit:
2. When prompted for a class code, please enter:

Advanced Chorus--UJ3RT-44R6M
7th Grade Intermediate Chorus--PRHGN-RVLDU
6th Grade Beginning Chorus --LRLJN-ECYTW

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