Principal's Advisory Council Agenda

Woodbridge Middle School

Date: Tuesday, February 12 @ 4:00 PM

Members Attending:

A. Owens (Principal)

M. Praul (Administrative Intern)

K. Merica (Counseling Director)

K. Demko (Parent)

A. Schaller (SIGNET)

A. Benzie (ITC)

J. Peel (Librarian)

S. Smith (SPED TA)

M. Davis (8th Grade LA - CoEd)

M. Peel (7th Grade SS – Girls)

A. Scott (6th Grade Math – CoEd)

T. Ogden (Parent)

A. Hicock (7th Grade LA – CoEd) *participated via text

1. Review of Last Meeting: Last year, we had the School Improvement Plan (SIP), this year it is called the Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP)

2. Open Forum/Citizen Time: We’d like to get community members involved in our meetings.

3. Business Items: School of Excellence is awarded based on a variety of data points determined by Prince William County. Each year, we receive SOL Data and Accreditation Data.

Accreditation Data: They are looking at Math, Reading, and Science.

SOL Data: They are looking at ALL the SOLs that we take across all grade levels.

Ms. Praul mentioned that because low socio-economic students are not identified (due to confidentiality), as a school, we will implement strategies that benefit ALL students rather than just targeting low socio-economic students.

Mrs. Owens then reviewed the goals from the 2018-2019 Strategic Plan.

We have Read 180 in our building which helps build reading skills in our students who aren’t currently mastering those.

Ms. Benzie spoke on the different technology options that are offered in the building.

A shared document will be created for all to input their feedback on the different goals.

Bylaws were discussed. For next meeting, we need a SPED teacher, Science teacher, ESOL teacher, and Encore teacher. We’d also like to bring in a community member.

3. P.T.O. Information: not discussed at this meeting

4. Agenda Items for Next Meeting: Invite Officer Wrighten to next meeting. Review the new plan. Discuss our next steps.

5. The meeting adjourned at 5:00pm. Next meeting is Tuesday, November 12th.