Course Description:

This course is designed to give students the opportunity to think and write creatively and critically. My goal as the teacher of this course is to encourage you to love writing and to guide you as you hone your craft. It is through writing that life becomes more meaningful to me, and I hope to inspire the same instincts in you, that writing brings to me. Writing can clarify, heal, excite, encourage, remind, inspire, and make the world a better place. This class is the beginning for you to be a poet, a free-lance writer, a story teller, an essayist, a non-fiction writer, or whatever you choose to become as a writer. There will be many options presented to you individually, with partners, and groups.  This class is about exploring the different writing genres, peer editing, use of figurative language/poetic devices, and connecting to English skills, vocabulary, and literacy in preparation for your English SOLs and your future education.


                                                   Update 3-23-2020

Virtual Learning - Updated 3/23/2020

Students will have access to study guides for all previously covered units under the Files and Documents section of this page. Students can also click on the Learning Links section or further down for important websites. 

All new assignments and communications going forward will be posted into Microsoft Teams, which students can log into using their office 365 email and password. Click the waffle in the top left corner and click teams. Students will also be emailed information as well. Previous assignments:

6th Grade:  All About Me Posters are graded and in the gradebook
7th Grade:  Tanka Poems are Graded and in the Gradebook.  "On This Day" Assignment will be adjusted...stay tuned for further info.
8th Grade:  "On This Day" Assignment will be adjusted...stay tuned for further info. 

 If you have any problems, please email me and I will respond during normal school hours. Thank you. 

                                                  2nd Semester Calendar

Weeks 1 and 2:  All Grade levels-Class introduction and Writing Sample "Two Truths and a Lie
Weeks 3-4:  Short story and nonfictional responses...prompts leveled by grade
Weeks 5-6:  6th:  All About Me Poster   7th and 8th:  Tanka Poems
Weeks 6/7:  Writing SOLs...6th: All About Me Poster and Haikus...7th and 8th:  Tanka Poems and "On this Day in History" Research for Poster



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