Mr. Poynter

Welcome to 7th grade U.S. History with Mr. Poynter. This year students will learn everything from reconstruction in 1865 all the way up to modern day. If there are ever any questions or concerns I am always available through email and I will be reaching out to parents throughout the year to keep you updated on what we will be doing. If you ever need information about what's going on in the class, then be sure to check out my Student Messenger. I will be updating that with all the information I can, usually on Sundays before the week.

Class Schedule: 

Class Period

Class Times

Core 1


Core 2


Core 3

 Lunch  11:53-12:23
 Core 3  12:23-54
Core 4 12:54-1:55

Independent Study


Test Schedule For The Year:
  • September 19 – Reconstruction
  • October 11 – Westward Movement
  • November 15 – Industrialization
  • December 13 – Segregation and Progressive Reform
  • January 17 – Changing Role of the U.S. through WWI
  • February 14 – Boom and Bust 
  • March 13 – World War II
  • APRIL 29 – Cold War Foreign Policy Post WWII
  • JUNE 2  – Post WWII American Economic Issues



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