Anne B. Hicock

April 10

Retake test information is as follows for the following tests:

Plot/Conflict/Cause and Effect Retake
    Core 1) 65zd6
    Core 2) qvtuv
    Core 3) 4kqpg
    Core 4) k3u0k

Fact and Opinion Retake
    Core 1) 3r097
    Core 2) m78xd
    Core 3) w2pv8
    Core 4) kykpp

April 4

Test information will soon be posted for those of you who still need to finish tests or want to retake. 

Also, please don't forget to send me your book project script. This was due prior to school closing and is still counted as a grade. 

April 3

I am trying to post assignments in multiple places in an effort to help students locate them easier.  The most recent assignment, dated April 3, is in Teams, Class Notebook on the Content as well as Collaboration pages, and also on the 'Assignments' link to the left.

Work may be posted under the student's name in the Class Notebook. Directions are in the Teams File page. As always, you can email me with your questions or concerns, or you may post on the Teams page.

March 30

Today it's all about those lovely daffodils blooming outside! Looking at those yellow blossoms dancing in the breeze brings great happiness, and I hope it can do the same for you.

Check out my calendar; I've included a link to a daffodil art lesson. It'll be fun to do something a bit different.

All students should have received a link to Class Notebook. If you open this up, you will see that I now have all classes up and running with assignments for this week. (Remember that nothing is new or will be graded, but it's good review material.)  Yes, this week it's all about daffodils!

-When you open your Class Notebook, you will see a list of student names down the side. The page with your name is where you will reply with your assignments.

-Content Page - This is where I'll post material that I don't want students to change.

-Collaboration Page - This is where I'll post material that we can all respond together and see each other's answers - a large group discussion. Also this page will allow us to form small groups for various projects.

If, for some reason, you don't see your name listed, or can't find the Class Notebook, please let me know. We are all working through distance learning at the same time.

Finally, I don't mind if you are more comfortable simply emailing me with questions, assignments, or anything that concerns you. I do check everything regularly throughout the day.

March 27

Before reading this, please take a deep breath and know that I'm more concerned about how you are doing than anything else!

Can we talk grades?

-There are NO NEW ASSIGNMENTS until mid-April.  No exceptions! The only grades that can be given are for assignments that were due prior to school closing - and these due dates have all been moved to mid-April. In other words, you still have time!  (Please check the Assignments Tab.)

-Tests? Retakes? Late Work?
   Remember that the school's retake policy states that anyone who scores below an 80% is eligible for a retake. Only the highest grade is recorded.
   My goal is to list tests/makeups and their codes by Monday afternoon.

-It is, and always has been, my desire to be fair when it comes to grading. I think, now more than ever, this needs to be the standard. Every students has a different "story" right now, and I want to be sure I am here to help and support you.

-You will begin to notice that I've posted activities and such on my page; these are NOT for grades. The purpose is to give you interesting activities to do that will support your reading and writing goals.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime. I don't want anyone to feel anxious on my account.

Please take care!

March 26

In order to help you navigate my webpage, I want to share with you how information is organized.

Files and Documents: This is where I am placing various instructional ppts. and  notes. They do come with audio for those who find reading to be a challenge. I encourage you to check out this tab, because it contains solid review material.

Hicock Language Arts Calendar: I am placing reading and writing ideas here. Nothing is required, but the articles and activities might just be interesting and give students a little more to do in addition to reading a good book.

Curriculum Objectives: This is a list of the standards that we have covered in class so far this year.

Technology Support: This gives you the link to the county page for technology support.

Assignments: As of today, there are no new assignments, only what was due prior to school closing. When teachers are given guidance on creating new assignments, however, I will post them here.

SOL Resources: This contains links to the state standards.

Learning Links: Links to online resources will be in this tab.

March 24

 I hope this letter finds all of you taking care of yourselves as best as possible and finding ways to adjust to our new lifestyles. By now, you have heard that Virginia has closed school for the remainder of the year, and, as a result, educators are exploring new approaches for instruction.

The first item I will post is a list of the objectives/standards we were able to cover this year. Our curriculum is actually quite large, encompassing communication and research skills, along with vocabulary, reading, and writing. We incorporate communication in every lesson, and our research generally comes at the end of the year.

Next, I plan to use this week to supply review notes for each of the objectives taught, which will include audio for additional support. Please go to the 'Files and Documents' link on the left to find these items.

With regard to assignments, the features of Office 365, in addition to this page, will likely be the resources I use for communication and instruction. This will take me some time to set up, so please be patient. I will let you know via SchoolMessenger once I have material fully available. All students have an Office 365 account and should be able to log in. This is the account they have used all year to log in to the school computers.

What is the best way to support your child academically during this time? I encourage daily reading and writing practice.

Again, please know that PWCS is here to support you in many ways. Please reach out if you need help.


Office 365

Students will be using Office 365 for this class.  Accounts will be set up at the beginning of the year.  Students can log in at



How to Set-up Calendar Alerts:
If your child is in my class, and you would like to receive email alerts for items posted to my calendar, you may view step-by-step directions here:

Please note: You will receive a separate email alert for each calendar you choose to subscribe to.  


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